Kirsty Newton, Editor of Cornwall Today

After being hit hard by the recession at the end of 2008, Cornwall Today, a specialised local magazine has continued to maintain production one year on, with the help of online social networking websites.

In December 2008, Cornwall Today, which focuses on a wide majority of Cornish living, was hit by the recession, along with other local independent publications, facing many staffing cut backs, with two of the three deputy editors losing their jobs to redundancy, as well as the office space in the area of Truro decreasing from three floors to only one.

Kirsty Newton, editor of Cornwall Today told Journalism students at University College Falmouth: “The workplace is very different today than it was this time last year.”

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a popular way to allow freelance journalists to pitch ideas to the publication, gaining an entry-level to newly qualified and experienced local journalists, with the publication now highly dependent on freelance workers who have new ideas for the publication.

I love Facebook and Twitter; they have brought me many commissions. I am always interested in looking at freelancers’ ideas. If I like the idea I’ll use it, if I’m not happy, I won’t,” Newton Adds.

However not all local businesses managed to escape the recession. Local magazine Inside Cornwall, has this year stopped publishing, with early suggestions showing that the independent magazine have turned to the online space, targeting their readership in a much more convenient and increasing area. Inside Cornwall was unable to comment, however Newton has her own views on the situation: “They possibly quit while they were ahead, perhaps they will move their content online, only time will tell.”

Speaking about the future of Cornwall Today, she said: “We are all working on an interactive website for the publication at the moment; however I would not want the magazine itself to go online. I feel some things need to be kept the same, and we’ve never been a publication to interfere with a routine that runs well. It is an exciting time to be working within the media industry however.”


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