Nicholas Brett, Editorial Director of BBC Magazines.

Nicholas Brett – Deputy Managing Director & Group Editorial Director of BBC Magazines.

Nicholas Brett, deputy managing director and group editorial director of BBC magazines, today visited University College Falmouth Journalism students to give an insight into what it takes to get noticed when on the road to finding a career within Journalism.

Brett told Journalism students to use the ‘4P’s’ approach when applying for jobs, saying: “You need to be passionate, prepare in good time, hold perfect professionalism and be persistent no matter what. Expect to face a number of knock backs.”

When Brett decided to apply for University, he was rejected from Cardiff which was one of only a few places that held a Journalism degree at the time. Looking for alternatives, Brett decided to look elsewhere. After widening his options he decided to enroll on a Masters in Journalism course in the United States.

On returning back to the UK, Brett gained work experience with local newspapers, as well as with The Times . During his early career, Brett admitted he had applied for the BBC a number of times before he was finally called back for an interview. “I applied three times for the BBC and didn’t hear anything back.”

Since working with BBC magazines, Brett has managed to give consumers the content they want. “We put the reader first and are flexible and able to adapt. The people formerly known as the audience can now destroy us.”

Brett later told students of a new project which was launched in November 2007, and is still developing today, called Magazine Insiders, an online website created for the company. “The site has over 5000 active members. It allows our readers to put their views and opinions across based on their favourite BBC magazines. We then allow the readers to come into our office and speak about them further.”


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