Extreme Male Beauty

Gone are the days of simply buying a new outfit and getting a £20 haircut. Nowadays, you need a face lift, nose job and tummy tuck just to look slightly improved.We’ve seen them all before. Make-over programmes telling ordinary viewers like me and you to look better! But what does ‘better’ really mean in today’s society? Of course we are talking about the female audience here. But what does the other half do to “look good?” In order to gain “perfection” today, every part of your body needs to be enhanced in one way or another.

 Extreme Male Beauty, a four-part series aired on Channel 4 focuses on an area which is rarely touched upon among the male audience out there today, Male vanity. Radio DJ and presenter Tim Shaw sets out to change this. With his scruffy look and full-fat diet, Shaw feels pressured living in a time when beauty is not just focused around a single sex audience.Perfecting” a six-pack and enhancing body muscles are the main desires most males seem to crave, gaining a first-class body as their number one aim. For some however, this just isn’t enough.

Using the repetitive format seen in the likes of Extreme Makeover and 10 Years Younger, Extreme Male Beauty doesn’t seem to shy away from what has been seen before.Extreme Male Beauty informs the male audience on how to improve many male’s nightmare of excessive “moobs”, “saggy” stomachs and “under-toned” physic. Simply suggesting anyone looking like this is a complete turn off to any woman, and instead we should all be injecting ourselves with steroids and obsessively attending the gym for 23 out of 24 hours a day.

Let’s face it. We can’t all look like “perfected wax-works” and afford thousands of pounds to transform our bodies into something which is not natural. There is always a oppurtunity to go onto a programme such as Extreme Male Beauty, but let’s be realistic, who thinks about this during day-to-day life?


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