Students Learn A Lesson In Road Safety

By Thomas  Mitchell

Devon and Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service were today at University College Falmouth, to warn of the dangers of motorcyclists on Cornwall’s rural roads.

Martin, managing director of the event said: “We want to promote road safety rather than teach better driving.”

A scene of a silver Ford focus and tipped motorcycle were placed at the main entrance of Tremough campus, along with mannequins to represent the impact a collision could have on the driver of the vehicle.

“When I arrived to University this morning, I thought a collision had happened. It wasn’t until I saw the banner informing us it was a stunt, that I realised what was happening,” a University College Falmouth student said.

Statistics revealed by Devon and Cornwall Fire Rescue Service state there were 34 road deaths in Devon and Cornwall between 2005-2009, 85% of them caused by motorcyclists.

“Cornish roads are among the most dangerous in the UK,” a member of Devon and Cornwall Fire Brigade added.

In the last 12 months there have been over 20 road accidents in Devon and Cornwall, yet these figures are on the decrease, dropping rapidly every year.

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