More Of The Same Is Coming

It’s not everyday you would find Shrek and donkey in a toy-box with Buzz and Woody, or witness Bella and Edward Cullen out on the streets of New York City with Carrie Bradshaw and Co. Yet if your planning on taking a trip to the cinema any time soon, you might just be in for a surprise.

With the summer season soon upon us, film producers from all over will be hoping their feature film will earn box-office success among the rest of the bunch. But does this summer’s cinema viewing live up to previous years, or are many of today’s films lacking the originality they use to own?

Kicking things off, marks the end of an era for a generation of film audiences. Shrek Forever After, is the final instalment for the usual suspects, including Shrek, Fiona and the much-loved donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy, who bow out of cinema viewing after taken audiences by storm in Dreamwork’s previous outings. What was once cinema gold, seemed to lack quality in the last instalment, looking aged in comparison with today’s new approach of 3D film making. Whether audiences will live happily forever after after viewing this final outing is to be answered, but eager fans and younger viewers will enjoy this final adventure.

With only a week to spare, female audiences throughout will be pleased to hear of the news that Sarah Jessica Parker and friends have in store. They are all back, with yet another Sex and the City feature film. Sex and the City 2 seems to promise more of the same. So why would audiences flock to this film? 2009’s outing seemed to be an instant hit, but it amazes me as to how the producers can dig up yet another storyline around a TV series which lasted for six years. Surely everything that was needed to be covered was during this time. We’ve seen enough, move on Parker and friends!

As we all have time to digest the latest summer offerings, June jumps into action with the likes of everyone’s favourite vampires. Edward and Bella return with more teenage hormones and dilemmas in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. With yet another director, the storyline and overall look will again contrast from what has been inconsistent throughout. Female fans will watch this film five times just to watch the ‘idol’ that is Robert Pattinson’s presence on-screen, boosting the box office ratings purely for ‘eye candy’ rather than screenplay. With a repeat of this for the next two years, there seems to be no escape from the Twilight Saga franchise.

It comes eleven years after its predecessor, and fifteen years after the first instalment, but it’s a film which is going to take audiences worldwide by storm. Disney Pixar’s Toy Story is back! I am so relieved to see a film of such original quality back on our screens. Woody and Buzz are back, along with everyone’s favourite characters as well as new faces which will soon become iconic figures in Toy Story’s history. We may have to wait until the end of July to view the latest adventures from a film which every generation has grown up with, but we will sure not be disappointed.

Much of what is to offer has been seen before, leaving the fresh material overshadowed by sequels coming from all genres of the film industry. Love them or loath them, each of these films will be battling for the top spot come their release date, with performances sold out in cinemas all over the UK. Want my advice? Save your pennies, this way you can watch Toy Story 3 more than once during the summer!


3 thoughts on “More Of The Same Is Coming

  1. I feel ashamed at the thought of missing him out. 😦 I’ll make sure to include him somewhere in my next piece. 🙂
    Congrats on the ‘It’s Nice That’ competition. 😀 x

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