Skins The Movie

After months of speculation, and rumour mills dominating the internet, the news many have been waiting for has finally been confirmed; The hit teen-cult TV series Skins is to be transformed into a motion picture, due for cinema release next summer! Announced only last week, details of what is to come have already began to take shape, giving eager fans an in sight into what they should expect come this time next year. Directed by Charles Martin and produced by Chris Clough, both of which are long time Skins servers, it has been confirmed the production will start later this year in the areas of Bristol and the Isle of Man. The film is also set to use Company Pictures, a production company that has also stuck with Skins since series one.

With a third generation set to reprise the famous roles in January, there have been many questions as to how this feature will work on the big screen. Following the confirmation, is has also been announced characters from both the first and second generations will appear, along side or not, is yet to be discovered, however next years new generation will not be included. What is promised to be a summer smash of 2011, speculation around what happens next has already begun on forum sites all over the internet.

Owen, a member of the official Skins forum website said: “I’d love to see flashbacks of Freddie’s memorial service. Cook would be in prison by then. Effy would have committed suicide and Tony still won’t have come home to visit.” Another added: “I’d love to see what happened to Cassie and Sid, also Tony and Michelle. It would be cool to see Cook, Effy and JJ too!”


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