The Toy Story Collection

It’s hard to believe that it has been ten years since audiences worldwide were introduced to the likes of Woody the cowboy, and Buzz, the ‘futuristic’ toy from outer-space, but this summer sees Disney Pixar’s much-loved film’s tenth year anniversary. A film that numerous generations have grown up with, which still takes centre stage in many DVD collections out there today, it seems the popular Disney hit is here to stay, with the journey set to continue once again, as Toy Story 3 is about to kick things off once again at the end of July.

When the synopsis of the first Toy Story was revealed to the world back in 1995, the pure impact Disney’s Pixar was about to create was unknown to us all. With official merchandise, children’s furniture and Toy Story figurines galore, the generation of 1995 found every opportunity to grab a slice of the action to take into their very own bedrooms. Featuring the voices of Tim Allen (Buzz) and Tom Hanks (Woody) among others, Toy Story made history by becoming the first feature film release to rely purely on the use of CGI, a whole new way of movie viewing which was set to be introduced to cinema audiences.

Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, along with the help of Pixar Animation Studios, which have gone on to become the most successful Animation studios of all time, earning twenty-four Academy Awards, six Golden Globes, and three Grammy awards. Producing eleven feature films since 1995 also, including Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and more recently Up!, Disney Pixar remains at the top spot when it comes to imaginative story-telling.

With Toy Story mayhem now at breaking point, the first screenings of what had become an instant hit began in the Autumn of the same year. Earning a record-breaking £700 million worldwide during it’s opening weekend of that year, the 80 minutes worth of antic-filled bed room toys maintained the number one spot for two consecutive weekends, becoming the highest grossing film in 1995, which today sits at place 151 in the latest all-time worldwide Box Office takings chart.

Having gained rave reviews and responses with the critics, both Pixar and Walt Disney had begun something which would be very tough to compete with. Eager for more, audiences were raring to discover what was next to offer from Pixar and the producers of Toy Story.

Nearly four years after its predecessor, the future of Toy Story seemed to be bleak. With Pixar releasing A Bug’s Life in 1998, instead of the much expected Toy Story sequel, fans alike were doubtful as to whether Andy’s toys will ever reappear from the toy box once again.

In 1999, first signs of a sequel began to take shape. With rumours rife that Pixar had a sequel in the pipeline, it was announced Toy Story 2 was set for release in November of the same year. Introducing fans to a whole new set of characters, including Jessie the yodeling cow-girl (Joan Cusack), Bullseye the horse, and Zurg, the evil emperor, Walt Disney and Pixar had done it yet again. With a re-release and boom in the sales of the official merchandise, as well as production of Toy Story 2’s newest characters, the sight of deja vu took the world by storm once again, but was the film set to live up to what had seen before?

Released in America November 19th 1999, and the UK on 11th February 2000, Toy Story 2 showed no signs of being a disappointment. Opening to a record-breaking box-office figure, like its predecessor, Toy Story 2 held onto the top spot for a number of week, becoming the third highest-grossing film of 1999, currently situated high above the original, at a respectable 78th place on the latest worldwide Box Office takings chart. Continuing with the adventures of Buzz, Woody and Co., it looked as though the story had completed its full circle, setting out to please audiences for one final time.

It has been more than ten years since the likes of Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye last appeared on the silver screen, and just as technology seems to dominate the cinema world today, making many of the earlier works look aged in comparison, Disney Pixar decides to drop one of their biggest bombshells to date. Toy Story 3 is on its way!

Due for release 19th July 2010, Toy Story 3 has moved on with the latest technology, with the help of 3D. Presented using the current movie viewing experience, Toy Story 3 is to take audiences further into the film we have all grown up with. Introducing further characters to us also, including a pink teddy bear called Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear (voiced by Ned Beatty), Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton), and Barbie (voiced by Danna Garcia) which are already available on the high streets, Toy Story 3 looks set to follow in the footsteps of what we have all witnessed before. Gaining impressive reviews and recommendations from critics during its exclusive first screenings, let’s hope Toy Story 3 delivers more of the same that we have all grown up with and treasured.

Tipped as being the most anticipated film of the Summer, could Toy Story 3 soon become the highest grossing film of 2010?


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