She’s Out Of My League – Film Review

(104 MINS, CERT 15)
Director: Jim Field Smith
Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, TJ Miller, Mike Vogel, Nate Torrence

From the writers of 2008’s American Comedy Sex Drive, and more recently Hot Tub Time Machine, Sean Anders and John Morris are back, this time teaming up with newcomer Jim Field Smith, and Paramount Pictures to provide us with the latest offering of She’s Out Of My League. Starring Jay Baruchel, whose acting credits include Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder and Fanboys, surprisingly takes centre stage as Kirk, an out of luck male who will do anything to bag himself a girlfriend. Starring along side Alice Eve, (who can be seen in Sex in the City 2) SOOML is a typical beauty and the geek style romance, which offers more than first expected.

When Kirk, a Transportation Security Administration officer falls for event organiser Molly (Eve) at security at Pittsburgh International Airport, the pair seem to instantly connect, yet when Molly boards her plane to New York, Kirk’s luck seems to look bleak once again as Molly soon becomes “another person boarding a plane” in Kirks’ eyes. In a quick turn of events, Molly soon realises she is missing one vital piece of equipment. Her iphone. Hoping for the best, Molly calls her number and if by coincidence is picked up Kirk himself. Informing Kirk she will be back in town on the following morning, Molly informs him to keep hold of it, until they meet again. As friendship starts to blossom, and the pair become more attractive to one another, it is up to Kirk to do anything he can to gain the girl of every man’s dreams.

Opening to mixed responses from critics both here and across the pond, She’s Out Of My League, succeeds in ways that many films of the same genre fail to deliver. SOOML doesn’t glamorise or make relationships look like something they are not. It seems whether male or female, the character of Kirk is something that we could all relate to, sometime during a relationship. The initial thought of being “good enough” for a partner is sure to have played of many minds alike before and still will, yet She’s Out Of My League, provides an underlying message that the typical rom-com of ‘hot’ boy meets ‘hot’ girl, is simply a fairy tale rather than actual reality. SOOML breaks the mould of what is seen to be morally expected of you. You don’t need to look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt to grab the love of your life, what might be an embarrassment to you, might be loved by another.

With a few laugh along the way, She’s Out Of My League is an enjoyable 104 minutes which you can watch over and over again. Why spend money to watch 2010’s summer blockbusters, when you can view a film which contains originality, humour and romance all at the same place? A must watch for the summer!


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