The Crazies – Film Review

(101 MINS, CERT 18)

Director: Breck Eisner
Starring: Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Joe Anderson, Danielle Panabaker

Another year, and another Zombie horror flick is available on Bluray and DVD, in Breck Eisner’s modern take of the 1973 blood bath, The Crazies.

Starring Radha Mitchell (Surrogates) and Timothy Olyphant (A Perfect Getaway) as a leading on-screen couple, The Crazies follows the story of an accidental biological “Trixie” virus which is released into a small towns water supply in the fictional town of Ogden Marsh Pierce County, Iowa, which soon leads to horrific consequences. Reaching the mains water supply in only a matter of hours, the population of Pierce County soon start to become infected one by one, gradually changing their mental state into blood thirsty killers who will kill anything that gets in their tracks.

With civilisation in extinction in the County, it is up to Dr. Judy Dutton (Mitchell) and Sheriff David Dutton (Olyphant) to escape the County, doing what ever is needed of them to make it out alive. With everyone they once knew now hungry for their blood, the chase is on to avoid what could soon become someone else’s meal.

With the cinema world dominated with Zombie flicks every year, including a list of hundreds in previous years, it seems the originality of films of the same genre can no longer enhance to a further level. As a remake also, first impressions of The Crazies would suggest this is once again a poorly made remake with the use of special effects to make it a modern-day horror movie. Yet The Crazies seems to knock all assumptions, and is in fact a rare moment in cinema history where both the words zombie and remake does actually work. General flicks of the same genre in previous years have done little to resemble a true reality a Zombie invasion would have upon civilisation, however The Crazies pulls on the heart-strings of everything that you would have to face in such an ordeal. Set in a small setting, where each and every civilian can put a name to a face, later resulting on friend turning against friend simply to feed themselves to help survive in the state they have now become, boasts an underlying message to us all, giving us the time to wonder whether your friends really are your friends, or would they turn against you at the drop of a hat?

What seems to be much more successful than its original, The Crazies is also a true horror which will make you jump out of your skin at parts, as well as giving audiences a realistic approach as to how easy something like this could actually happen. Giving off a occurring though process throughout as to whether or not this was all planned by the military is something that will leave you guessing far after the credits have rolled, and with a sequel rumoured to be announced any time soon, The Crazies could soon infest our screens once again, giving us more of the same that will keep you hooked the first time round!

True horror, gore and a great sense of realism, The Crazies is a must watch for the perfect scare fest, or fan of the 1971 original. Great stuff Eisner!  


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