Remember Me – Film Review

(128MINS, CERT 12A)

Director: Allen Coulter
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, Pierce Brosnan, Tate Ellington, Peyton. R. List

Available now on DVD, Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin team up in the heart whelming film Remeber Me, which portrays only two lives of hundreds that were lost on an iconic day that will remain with us for generations to come..

Although I did expect it to be the case due to a certain someone called Robert Pattinson featuring in the film, I somewhat underestimated the fan base this guy really has, with a female audience rushing to the cinemas to watch this film, it seems to be every mans’ dream to have practically every movie loving female out there bowing at your feet, and watching a film simply because the poster reads ‘Starring Robert Pattinson.’

To make it clear I was not there for reasons involving a certain young male, but was innocently there with my girlfriend whom may have been there for these reasons revolved around Mr. Pattinson, but I know she’d deny these facts.

Remember Me follows the characters of Tyler Hawkins (Pattinson) and Ally Craig (Ravin), whom after a dare by Hawkins’ flat mate (Tate Ellington) hooks up with Ally to pay back her father, Neil (Chris Cooper), after the two come face to face when a night out on the town ends up with Hawkins’ slapped behind bars thanks to Neil.

What starts as a payback plan, soon turns into a series of emotions which the two of them develop overtime, eventually leading to an inseparable couple un-beknown to the connection both Hawkins and her father have.


As with every romantic drama not everything can run smoothly, and there is no exception in Remember Me. When Ally (Ravin) soon realises the real reasons as to why Tylor (Pattinson) made the first move the separation stage commences. Yet with the clever concept this film includes, Remember Me seems to tear apart the generic ‘kiss and make up’ plot conclusion that most films of the same genre hold.

During the final scenes of the film we learn of a date that is permanently painted in everybody’s minds. A date that brings emotion to everybody who recognises the consequences this very day had. September 11th 2001.

A brave move for a film of this genre, and to present this concept within a fiction film at all. However it works extremely well. During the final scenes we get to realise that Tylor is standing on the top floor of one of the twin towers the day the terrorists attacked. (To acknowledge the build up as to why he is exactly here at this time ,the film needs to be viewed from start to finish)

Starring Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper also, Remember Me is a film that I didn’t just enjoy, but enjoyed with feelings of emotion, shock and excitement thanks to the daring yet brave overall twist this film waits to reveal from the very start.

And as for Robert Pattinson? He doesn’t need to just be a vampire to put on a great performance and I’m sure the female fan base would agree also!


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