Toy Story 3 – Film Review

(103 MINS, CERT U)

Lee Unkrich
Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles

It has been 11 years in the making, but Pixar Animation and Walt Disney could not keep us waiting any longer. Toy Story is back, and by far is an outing that puts its predecessors to shame.

Director Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 1 & 2) reclaims his directorial role once again, to reprise the much loved characters to the silver screen for one final time. Featuring an untouched voice cast, with Tim Allen, (Buzz) Tom Hanks (Woody) Joan Cusack, (Jessie) and Don Rickles (Mr Potato Head) all back to provide the iconic voices we have grown up with, as well as a the usual bunch along with fresh faces along the way, Toy Story 3 takes audiences on an adventure far from Andy’s bedroom.

The latest offering follows Andy’s final days of childhood, before maturing to college, having to face the dilemma of clearing out his once playful room. With a decision to either throw away or store his childhood memories in the attic, Andy feels the safest option for Buzz and Co, is to leave them behind, taking Woody with however. When a simple tasks leads to an unfortunate accident, the toys we have all wanted for ourselves are accidentally thrown out, and instead of laying in the attic, end up in Sunny side, a day care for over excited and unstoppable toddlers. What seems like the perfect opportunity to be played with again, soon turns into the toys’ worse nightmare, with playtime turning into a mad riot which lasts for several hours every single day.

Introduced to a whole bunch of new residents at Sunny side along the way, including Ken, (Michael Keaton) Barbie’s “perfect” other half and Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear, (Ned Beatty) who is not so lovable beneath his pink, fluffy fur, its up to Buzz and the gang to crack out of the goings on at Sunny side, and return to Andy before he sets off for College.

From the opening sequence, Toy Story 3 delivers, diving audiences into an action scene which we have all waited eleven years to lay our eyes on. Maturing with age, Toy Story has seemed to have lost the playful child-friendly story lines we have seen in previous years, instead embarking on a darker, yet more action fuelled concept which makes this outing feel fresh and filled with surprise until the very end.

To prepare for an emotional roller-coaster is a phrase which seems too powerful for a CGI animated film, yet Pixar seem to target our emotions in ways many of today’s live-action just cannot. What goes from being a fun filled action sequence, soon turns into an emotional tear jerker which is sure to grab your hearts come the very end of Pixar’s most successful franchise. Be it the end, only time will tell, yet if it is, this is by far an ending which will surely satisfy any fan of Buzz, Woody and the gang.



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