Machete – Film Review

(105 MINS, CERT: 18)

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan
Studio: Troublemaker Studios/ Overnight Films

Starring an ensemble cast, with the likes of Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez all starring, Robert Rodriguez’s 2010 American action film Machete is an ass kicking, gun shooting blood fest, which with a mixture of humour and at times unrealistic scenes of action, is in fact a worthy watch.

Produced as an expansion to Grindhouses’ fake trailer of the same name, the film follows the run of illegal immigrant Machete (Trejo) who is set up to kill Senator McLaughlin (De Niro) during an electoral speech. Mistaken as the culprit, Machete seeks revenge on those in the organised plan, shooting, stabbing and quite literally tearing apart anyone that gets in his path. (Prepare for a scene which has to be seen to be believed) With the help of a few friendly faces along the way, including Agent Santana Rivera, (Alba) Shé (Rodriguez) and Padre, (Cheech Marin) Machete’s holy brother a series of machine gun action and blood splattered walls take centre stage for what pretty much sums up the 105 minute running time Machete contains.

Similar to the likes of Sin City and Planet Terror, Machete does not disappoint, offering contents that you would expect from a Rodriguez picture. Conjuring up a mixture of cast members from all four corners of the film industry, Machete seems to be a film that highlights the qualities of some of the less talented stars, with Lindsay Lohan proving she has what it takes to succeed in Hollywood.

Containing an aged feel, and the cartoonish like feel only the likes of Grindhouse could conjure up, Machete is an enjoyable viewing experience, yet is not for the squeamish or light-hearted, with references to sex, religion and death all portrayed in a blooded manner. However Machete is sure to appeal to anyone that lists Sin City or Kill Bill in there must watch movies!


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