The Social Network – Film Review

Director: David Fincher
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song, Rooney Mara

Google, Facebook, Log In. It’s a simple process that millions of us carry out all over the world every single day, yet the history behind the worlds most successful networking website is unknown to many. David Fincher’s 2010 period piece The Social Network gives us all an insight into the origins of Facebook, and shows how a site that was initially set up by a college kid, has turned into a mass domination throughout the globe.

Starring Jesse Eisenberg (Adventure land, Zombie land) as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, The Social Network portrays the works of a genius through the eyes of a court case, with flashbacks soon leading to the final state of play audiences are introduced to during the beginning of the film. Re-enacting his 2003 Harvard University College years, the plot introduces Zuckerberg to the screen as a big-headed, above all others teen, with an argument with his girlfriend leading to the first development in the world of Facebook;FaceMash‘. Aiming to seek revenge on all females of his time, the development of an online page is created, giving male students the opportunity to choose the most ‘attractive’ of two girls, whose faces simultaneously appear on the screen. As the page is launched, and word is passed among the Harvard network, the page hits soon start to develop at a substantial rate, crashing the network is was launched on.

As the attention turns to Zuckerberg, so does the ideas within his mind, eventually leading to the development of an online site titled ‘TheFacebook‘, an online community which is exclusive to only Harvard University students. With further developments and ideas of the site entering Zuckerberg’s mind throughout, the demand soon starts to take over, leaving him with a huge dilemma on his hands. Creating enemies, and friends along the way, Zuckerberg soon realises that what was once a simple act of revenge has turned into something of a global scale, which could in fact make him millions with the right tools.

Unsure what to expect, David Fincher has succeeded once again. With the masterpiece that was Benjamin Button in 2009, I was not expecting anything less from Fincher’s latest outing. With its slick cinematography, and closeness to detail, The Social Network resembles a time in modern cinema that could not be of less relevance within today’s online world. Featuring an ensemble of uprising stars also, with Andrew Garfield, who is set to play Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot, ‘Disney sweetheart’ Brenda Song, in her first coming of age acting drama, and pop-star turned actor Justin Timberlake, it seems the film we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, making The Social Network, possibly ‘the greatest movie of 2010’ by far, thanks to the authenticity, originality and pure on-screen connection it has, that audiences throughout can relate with.


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