Eden’s Skate and Scream

Halloween; a tradition that allows us all to be spooked, yet for the visitors of Cornwall’s Eden Project on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November, a good scare was just the beginning of an eventful evening.

Situated in the heart of the world’s largest greenhouse, surrounded by plants from all over the world, The Eden Project’s Skate and Scream, organised by Helen Webster was a hit to visitors alike, all awaiting to be scared senseless. Especially designed to give off a chilling atmosphere, the setting the Eden Project had to offer on both nights was very intense. May it be the blacked out rainforest, the realism of the actors who surrounded the biomes telling ghost stories and portraying their characters in great detail, or the sound of the Exorcist theme tune not too far in the distance, Eden’s Skate and Scream was an all round horror mind-trip.

As the night swung into action so did the screams. Advised to hold the shoulders of the person in front of you before entering, the true scale of what we were about to see was unknown to us all. Clearly noted that the tour was not suitable for under 12’s and for the faint hearted, the preparation of  a new research project, which allowed infra-red cameras to measure the fear levels we all have in side of us begun.

With the tour in full swing, and the darkness level at its maximum, the horrors that awaited us were released. Getting locked into a shed by spirits, rained on by a beast that stood 9ft tall, and three male figures in white coats heading for us with chainsaws, the emotional horror roller-coaster every living body experienced whilst in the biome for twenty minutes was pushed to the max. With being followed, grabbed and even screamed at adding to the effects Eden put on so well throughout, the amount of horror could not have been any less. 

With thanks to the help of sonic sound artist, Augustine Leuder, the whole experience at this years Eden’s Skate and Scream was an event that will stay with us for many weeks to come. Offering an alternative Halloween party, The Eden Project made Halloween its own, and for some the best Halloween to date.


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