Moscow City Ballet’s The Nutcracker

An evening of class with my girlfriend at the Hall for Cornwall, Truro.

It’s not very often an opportunity such as this arises, yet when it does the tickets sell, and they sell fast. Direct from Russia, the Moscow City Ballet took centre stage at the Hall for Cornwall, for a performance of Marius Petipa’s 18th Century adaptation of the original story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A Hoffmann.

Composed by Pyote Iiyich Tchaikovsky also, The Nutcracker portrays the tale of a young girl who on Christmas Eve dreams of a nutcracker prince, and battle against a number of mischief mice. As the lights dims and the focus turns to the main stage, the ensemble of colours and characters from the very beginning is something truly spectacular, which quickly starts to develop into an oil painting of smudges, with grace that is so sharp throughout.

As the acts further so does the style of ballet, with scenes of elegance, design and vibrance all lighting up the stage on a winter’s November evening. Kicking off the festive atmosphere within the theatre also, The Nutcracker was a warm winter delight that warmed the hearts of even the youngest and inexperienced members of the audience.

Offering such an opportunity to the residents of Cornwall and beyond the Moscow City Ballet received an accolade of applause throughout, adding real emotion and humour to the performance as well, which allowed us all to connect personally with the happenings on stage.

With a huge fan base all over the world, Moscow City Ballet have the world at their fingertips, and with major cities surely on their agenda, it was a real privilege for them to grace their arts to a small, secluded county at the very end of a vast country.


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