Just Go With It – Film Preview

Published in Movie Magic Cornwall  (January/February 2011)

Following the 2010 comedy Grown Ups, Dennis Dugan returns in this upcoming romantic comedy.

Starring Adam Sandlar, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker, Just Go With It follows the story of successful plastic surgeon Dr. Danny Maccabee, (Sandlar) who like every guy has an angle to get that certain someone. Pretending to be unhappily married to get to woman, Danny seems to have it all, however when the girl of his dreams Palmar Dodge (Decker) walks into his life, Danny does everything but use his method on her.

After discovering his pretend wedding ring in his coat pocket, Palmar soon assumes Danny is married. Afraid to tell the truth, Danny tells her he is going through a divorce, but is found in a sticky situation after Palmar asks to meet his soon-to-be ex-wife. Unsure what to do, Danny teams up with office manager Katherine Murphy (Aniston) in a plot to pose as his wife to prove his stories are true. As the lie grows bigger, and the wires become tangled, it is up to Danny and Katherine to work as a team, trying to stop their lie from being exposed.

What looks set to entertain audiences this February, Just Go With It will make even the complicated of relationships seem simple.


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