Skins Series Five

It’s one of the most anticipated shows of the Television year, and Series 5 of the hit teen show Skins has returned to our screens yet again. Along with a complete new cast, and an eight episode series to get by, Series five of the drug-fulled, sex-aided series surrounding British teenagers’ looks set to be a promising one.

Introduced to ‘Franky’, (Francesca) a unique yet confused teenager whom seems to be one of the more individual and interesting characters of this latest series, the struggle to identify with one’s self and personality looks set to play out a massive role in this year’s bunch of raging misfits. What otherwise simply seems to be a bunch or unoriginal personalities from the outset, with Min, Rich, Liv and Nick all playing up to the typical teenage stereotypes we’d spot on a regular basis, it seems we can only hold out for Alo, Grace and Matty to grace us with their presence in the coming weeks.


If there is one thing Skins will always be remembered and known for, it’s the uniqueness it holds. Although praising Series 5 in parts, when referring back to earlier series, this latest outing plays out as nothing more than a day in the park. With nil reference to sex (it’s a first for Skins) in the opening episode, alcohol, or indeed partying, with the exception of a glamour party which seems to be the ‘place to be’ slowly becoming the typical Skins house-party scene we are known to love and enjoy, the question remains has Skins toned it’s content, or is the rest yet to come?

Glued to Franky’s episode the hopes are high, but after a brief preview of what’s in store next week, I can only admit to fear for the worse. Judging a book by its cover is something you cannot do with Skins, and with online forum’s and social network sites already building up filled with viewers thoughts and opinions, this ongoing battle of Skins 5 looks set to be a long one, but don’t give up just yet.


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