Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday – Music Review

After a career releasing mixtapes including Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty, female R&B srapper and songwriter Nicki Minaj has finally hit mainstream with the release of her début album Pink Friday. Better known for her collaborations with various artists, the struggle for attention as a solo artist has been a long, yet successful wait with Pink Friday topping the US billboard chart, and going platinum in its first month of release.  

Pink Friday opens with I’m The Best, a traditional sound from Minaj, with her diverse lyrics and iconic rapping, that seems to sum up her success straight to the point in terms of her recent success. A collaboration with Eminem in Roman’s Revenge is the stand out track of the album, that puts two great talents to good use. Offensive, loud and aggressive, this track is everything you’d expect from controversial rapper Eminem, with the essence of Nicki Minaj giving it that R rated rating.

Further collaborations with pop sensation Rhianna in Fly, Kanye West and Drake in her current single Moment for Life, along with an unexpected double act with ‘has been’ Natasha Bedingfield which in fact plays out as one of the better listens, all make Minaj’s style of music vary on each track.

Compared to her early work, Minaj has changed. Pink Friday is an album that is mixed with confusion. You’re somewhat left frustrated with the direction she wants to go. Does she want to go her own way, or does she want to fit in with the crowd. Certain tracks on this album really showcase her alternative personality, yet others lack the originality Minaj held before now.


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