Exeter Students Face Debts of £27,000 or more

Written for BA (Hons) Journalism Falmouth Navigator

Exeter University has announced plans to charge £9,000 to undergraduates from 2012.

Exeter follows Cambridge and Imperial College London in confirming plans to treble fees to starting students.

Backed my ministers, the maximum fee is to apply only in “exceptional circumstances,” with bursaries and fee waivers offered to students from poorer backgrounds.

David Allen, Exeter’s deputy chief executive, said: “By setting our fees at £9,000, we will be able to continue our investments within the student experience.”

We have plans to employ more academic staff and improve the staff-student ratio with longer contact hours.”

The recent announcement will not affect Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, but students carrying out an Exeter course at Tremough will face the maximum fee.

Eileen Bate, a second year Exeter student studying at Tremough said: “Knowing my course is going to almost treble in price in 2012 is hard to believe. There are 100 students in my year, but I’d be surprised to see when the maximum fees come into place. The fee amounts can’t be justified”

The Government last month warned universities could face a change in law to stop some institutes charging students £9,000 a year if too many begin to “cluster their charges at the upper end.”


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