Facebook Group Plan Petrol Boycott

Written for BA (Hons) Journalism Falmouth Navigator

Petrol stations across the UK prepare for a possible boycott, mirroring events seen in 2000.Britain’s motorists are being urged to avoid filling their tanks, after online Facebook group Petrol price slash, make the joke on them gains more than 300,000 followers.

Group creator James Green, 21, said: “It only started off as a small thing, but it’s become huge.Nothing will get done if we don’t do anything. This is a chance to tell the Government and fuel companies we have all had enough.”

The group comes as Chancellor George Osborne looks set to announce a 5p rise in the price of petrol during next week’s budget.

Sue Dunn, who is backing the boycott said: “Even if it doesn’t make a difference in this instance, it may get the Government thinking about what we can do next.

If we stick together who knows what could happen, we have to start somewhere.”

Planned for April 1, the boycott is the second the UK has seen in the last 10 years. The price of petrol was increased by 51 per cent to eighty pence a litre compared to the previous five years.

The average petrol price in Britain today stands at 132p a litre, making the cost of a gallon £6. The most expensive in Europe.


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