More delay over derelict urban site

Published in The West Briton (21st April 2011)

PLANS to develop a decaying urban area on the outskirts of Camborne have suffered further delay.

The derelict workshop in South Roskear has remained empty for more than 20 years, resulting in vandalism and decay.

In 2010, Camborne received a grant of £52,000 from the National Lottery Heritage fund. The trust promised to repair damaged architectural areas of Camborne’s most historic buildings, with particular attention to the workshops in Roskear and Tuckingmill.

Thomas Brewer, South West senior grants officer for the Lottery, said: “There is a clear heritage and economic need to regenerate the area, and Cornwall Council has submitted a full application requesting a further £500,000 to work on these.

“A decision to whether Camborne receives that grant will be made soon, but the current funding we have put into the area is coming to an end.”

Set up in 2002, urban development company CPR Regeneration announced plans to start development on a new urban project in August 2009, while retaining key historic buildings for future conversion into residential units. However, work is yet to start.

Camborne town heritage manager Ciaus Simmons said: “I haven’t heard anything about the old Roskear workshops for at least 18 months, but unfortunately there are a lot of derelict sites in the town. My pot of money is limited to helping only a couple of these large properties.”


Councillor Jude Robinson, for Camborne, said: “I haven’t heard of any development plans for sometime, but I am hoping this will change.”

Owned by Jack Pendray in the early 1970s, the South Crofty workshop found itself transformed into a production site. The site produced essential components and fibreglass for boats at Falmouth dockyard and Holman’s, Cornwall’s largest manufacturer of industrial equipment.


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