Red Riding Hood – Film Review

Published in Big Screen Cornwall (July/August 2011)
From the director of the first Twilight instalment, this is a loosely based modern adaptation of the folk tale Red Riding Hood. The sinister story is set in a medieval European village menaced by a werewolf that lives in the outlying forest 

Red Riding Hood, who is here named Valerie, is deeply in love with the woodcutter Peter. In true Hollywood romance style, the two cannot be together, as Valerie’s parents have already decided on a suitor for their daughter.

Containing many similarities to the Twilight film, this 2011 American horror could easily be mistaken for a script written for Edward and Bella. Turning the well-loved children’s fairy tale into an older, darker concept might seem clever on paper, but it doesn’t translate to the screen. Enriched in cliché, Red Riding Hood doesn’t score on the horror front and falls short on romantic chemistry: a letdown for what, until now, has been a strong run for Amanda Seyfried.


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