Post Production Reveals Apes Alternative Ending

(Written for Boolean Flix)

Rise of the Plant of the Apes turned out to be a surprise hit this Summer, and today is still within the UK top twenty. However when post-production’s Ted Gagliana revealed an ending that could have been, fans of Rupert Wyatt’s reboot may have been a little disappointed.

Originally James Franco’s character died at the end, during a final showdown in the woods,” Gagliana told the Visual Effects Society at their annual get-together.

He added: “There was no reason given for why they all of a sudden changed the ending, but only a month before release, they decided not to kill him off, and brought Any Serkis and Franco back into the studio for re shoots.”

Although Gagliana had no reason to question this sudden change, rumours suggest a sequel is already in the pipeline, with Fox Pictures wanting Franco to continue his role as Will in this franchise reboot.

Expected to appear as an additional scene when released on Blu-Ray and DVD, fans of Rise of the Planet of the Apes will be able to decide for themselves whether the right decision was made.


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