UK Ban lifted on ‘The Human Centipede II’

(Written for Boolean Flix)

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) has had its UK ban lifted and will go ahead with a theatrical and DVD release.

The sequel to Tom Six’s 2010 Dutch horror was rightly banned by the BBFC earlier this year, after the film was branded “unacceptable” for audiences due to its extreme use of torture porn.

This latest move sees Two minutes and 37 seconds cut from the film, adding up to 32 cuts being made in total. This has allowed for the follow-up to receive an 18 certificate.

Six, who has already promised to bring out The Human Centipede 3, previously blasted the BBFC’s decision to reject the film, by calling his film “art” rather than a purposely made product to disturb viewers.

Released in America on October 7, part two revolves around mentally disturbed loner Martin Lomax (Laurence R. Harvey) whose obsession with the original film take control, as he plots to surgically attach 12 people together.

Read more about The Human Centipede II & watch the trailer here.


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