The Green Lantern – Blu Ray Review

(Written for Boolean Flix)

Based on the DC comic character of the same name, Martin Campbell’s The Green Lantern left audiences with high hopes before its theatrical release earlier this year. With promising previews and a typical superhero storyline everyone can connect with, it seemed The Green Lantern was sure to be a Box Office success this Summer.

Earning the number one spot both in the UK and America, Campbell’s comic book picture went on to earn over $200 million state side,yet by its second weekend of release saw a 66 per cent decline in Box Office takings, making it the largest second weekend decline for a superhero film in 2011.

The film sees Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, a test pilot who is selected to become the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force. Jordan is granted a ring that gives him superpowers after a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the universe.

As the film plays out, Jordan is seen shuttling between planets as himself and his alter-ego, never too sure as to which he prefers. Juggling on-location footage with CGI backdrops gives The Green Lantern an unrealistic and under-advanced sense of digital effects, with the 3D theatrical release only disguising this aspect thanks to the blurred strain films ‘greatest invention to date’ puts on cinema goers.

With a lot of criticism surrounding The Green Lantern, it seems that this latest in a string of comic book adaptations has been written off. A stable of comic super-hero pictures have been done to death in the past decade, and directors wanting to touch upon this hit or miss style of film making are now left with the more complicated and uninteresting characters DC Comics and Marvel have created.

As plans for a sequel are rumoured to have been scrapped, it seems The Green Lantern has done all it can to save the world, and is more worthy on the page rather than on the screen.


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