Trailer & Release Date For ‘This Means War’

(Written for Boolean Flix)

Said to be a mixture of Mr. & Mrs Smith, Mission Impossible and James Bond, 2012’s upcoming action comedy This Means War was the release of its official theatrical trailer.

Directed by Joseph McGintly, better known as McG, and starring Tom Hardy, Chris Pane and Reese Witherspoon, the film centres around two super-agents (Pine and Hardy) who fall for the same girl. (Witherspoon)

Playing out a typical love-triangle narrative behind what seems to be an out-of-place backdrop, This Means War finally get a release date of February 2012, after years of countering through development and recruitment to cast the perfect trio for McG’s latest picture since Terminator: Salvation.

Making her first appearance since romantic drama Water for Elephants earlier this year, Witherspoon is seen out of her comfort zone in a film that could either stabilise or dent her fragile career.

Watch the trailer for This Means War below.


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