The Human Centipede (Full Sequence) – Film Review

(Written for Rough Cut Reviews)

Surrounded with uproar and initially banned in the UK, before the BBFC controversially changed their mind, The Human Centipede: Full Sequence is quite possibly the most disturbing thing to come out of British cinema.

Directed by Tom Six, the sequel to the 2010 Dutch horror; The First Sequence, centres around Martin Lormax (Laurence R. Harvey), an asthmatic, overweight, mentally-ill short British man who lives at home with his emotionally abusive mother. (Vivien Bridson) Working as a security guard in an underground parking garage, Martin is seen to be obsessed with the original film; The Human Centipede (First Sequence), which he constantly watches on repeat at home and on the job. With a desire to re-enact the 100% medically accurate surgery seen in the first film, during his late-night shifts, Martin lures his innocent victims into his clutches one by one, stopping for nothing to get hold of the 12 people he needs to complete his very own human centipede.

As the first half of the film concentrates on Martin’s attacks, beats and kidnaps among his victims, the graphic violence shown on-screen makes for an uneasy viewing. Plagued with one sadistic scene after another, Six’s sequel shows no signs of easing itself, making it far worse to watch than his previous outing. Seen as a film that no one could or even should enjoy, the excessive gore and delicate topics played with throughout should have remained in Six’s thoughts, rather than transmitting them to cinema-goers.

This aside, the script’s lack of depth is another major flaw in the picture, and does not go unnoticed as a result of the events on-screen. Where gore is at its minimum, time is filled with homely scenes of wasteful actions, acted out my amateur cast members that seem almost as bored as the script is. Giving the main character little dialogue also, this recurring absence of actions slows the film down throughout its first hour, leaving only 30 minutes to play out the finale.

With a minority of screenings both in the UK & US, this latest centipede outing is best stayed unheard of, with only the curious of minds wanting to delve into this perverse reality. Recently confirmed that a third film is in the making, with Tom Six claiming Full Sequence will look like a Disney film in comparison, it is about time this repulsive franchise is wrapped up, and surgically removed for good.

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One thought on “The Human Centipede (Full Sequence) – Film Review

  1. Your review of this film is very judgmental. Why did you even watch it when it is pretty clear what the subject matter is about? only then to attack it and its director. This is a purposely provocative film to exact precisely the response you gave it. A neat and clever market ploy to get noticed and highlight a person career. Stick to watching rom coms and other safe films mate and leave horror films for those that can and do appreciate them.

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