Using Twitter To Find A Job

(Written for The Big Choice)

Twitter has been a communication phenomenon. You might think of it as nothing more than a platform for people to share what they have had for lunch but more and more employers are using Twitter to seek potential employees.

Major companies across the world are producing online versions of what would once be their classified ads, targeting particular jobs amongst specific audiences. Twitter is providing potential employees with up-to-the-minute job leads that could open the door to that sought-after career.

Twitter is a conversation, not a one-way communication which means it can be a great tool to open up a dialogue with employers.

Here are a few handy tips to start your job search on Twitter:

Keep your profile professional. Post a sensible profile picture, and describe who you are and your skills in your Twitter bio. It is important to present the best image of yourself for when employers view your profile.

Follow profiles in your desired field of employment. Link up with potential employers, similar businesses and career-related profiles to help boost your success of finding a job. There are even feeds that just post jobs in specific fields – make sure you follow those.

Establish yourself in your area of interest, by tweeting about current topics surrounding it. News articles, videos or general opinions all help to show you have a wide understanding of an area.

If you have already built an online CV, link it to your Twitter account. By doing this, potential employers will have a greater understanding of a potential applicant before hand, speeding up the process of communication between yourself and the employer.

Connect with online job classifieds through Twitter. By doing so, you will be up-to-the-minute with the latest job postings, and will be able to stick your foot in the door ahead of your competition.

Twitter is great starting point, and allows you to create a wider online presence, offering the chance to communicate directly with employers and keep up to date with the opportunities out there.


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