‘The Woman In Black’ Is The UK’s Most Popular Horror Film Ever

(Written for Rough Cut Reviews)

The Woman in Black has become the most successful UK horror film since records began 20 years ago.

The film, which tells the story of a grieving widower haunted by a mysterious ghost on a remote island, has remained number one at the UK’s box office since its release three weeks ago, totalling more than £14 million in ticket sales to date.

The Hammer picture starring Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has gone on to surpass popular Hollywood films The Others, Bram Stoker’s Vampire and Sleepy Hollow, earning more than $50 million in the US in less than a month.

Speaking of the film’s victory, Hammer CEO Simon Oaks said he is ‘delighted’ with the news, claiming the success of The Woman in Black is an ‘important achievement that affirms the rebirth of Hammer.’

Adapted from Susan Hill’s 1983 ghost story, The Woman in Black has received mixed reviews from critics for its lack of scares and choice of casting.

Watch the theatrical trailer below:  


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