New Set Of Images From Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

(Written for Rough Cut Reviews)

A new set of images have arrived from director Tim Burton’s latest project Dark Shadows.

Scheduled for release nationwide on May 11, the new set of photos sees both Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer in the role of Barnabas and Elizabeth Collins, alongside Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Julia Hoffman.

Based on the long-running American soap opera of the same name, Burton’s Dark Shadows follows the narrative of Barnabas Collins, an 18th Century vampire who awakens in the 20th Century to find his once-magnificent manor in ruin.

With less than 70 days to its UK release date, the studio behind the gothic tale are yet to release a theatrical trailer, causing speculation amongst the films dedicated followers.

Earlier this week the official trailer for Burton’s stop-motion animation Frankenweenie emerged online, which is due to hit cinemas just in time for Halloween.

See the photos from Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows here.


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