Film Preview: Keith Lemon – The Movie

(Published in Movie Magic July/August 2012)

Distinguished by his camp demeanor, exaggerated Yorkshire accent, bleached mullet, ginger moustache and fake tan, Keith Lemon – portrayed by comedian Leigh Francis, arrives on the silver screen this summer in his very own feature length-film.

Set to feature performances from Kelly Brooke and Verne Troyer (Austin Power’s Mini Me), as well as cameo appearances from David Hasselhoff, Gary Barlow, Tinchy Stryder, Jedward and Fearne Cotton, the film follows Lemon’s dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, just like his hero Richard Branson.

His quest takes him from Leeds to London where he becomes a billionaire overnight – only to face failure and a mission to redeem himself.

Famous for his comedy panel show Celebrity Juice and hilarious antics, Keith Lemon: The Film looks set to provide bang tidy look at the life of Keith Lemon.

Watch the trailer below:


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