Film Review: Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2

Four years after Stephanie Myer’s first instalment of the Twilight Saga hit our screens back in 2008, the popular series, based on the vampire romance book franchise, comes to its much-anticipated conclusion in the second chapter to 2011’s Breaking Dawn.   

Earning more than $2.5 billion worldwide to date, and having sold over 28 million books by 2008 alone, this final chapter in the popular series is one of the most eagerly-awaited pieces of cinema the film industry has seen since the likes of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

The fifth and final film in the series picks up seconds after Part 1, which sees Bella (Kristen Stewart) transformed from an innocent and vulnerable High School girl into a confident young woman who is not afraid to experiment with her remastered existence.

Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella’s daughter Renesmee, played by newcomer Mackenzie Foy, and a whole host of other fresh faces come as a relief, which allows the franchise to move away from familiar characters sub-plots we have seen over the last four years.  

The visual effects come in thick and fast throughout also, with director Bill Condon pulling out all the stops to ensure this final film goes out with a bang.

Not only this, the additional footage, not noted in Myer’s novel, comes as a surprising and bloodthirsty surprise, which without would make this final instalment a disappointing one.

However, in terms of providing a conclusion to one of the most loved franchises of all times, Breaking Dawn Part 2 ends on a pleasant note, recognising everything and everyone that made the Twilight Saga the success it is today.


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