Film Review: Hitchcock (2012)

Telling a segment of Alfred Hitchcock’s life story, Sacha Gervasi’s 2012 Biographical drama Hitchcock portrays an inside look into the English director’s life during the making of his most successful film – Psycho.

Starring Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock, and British favourite Helen Mirren as wife Alma Reville, Hitchcock delves into the journey of the director’s defeats, rather than the success of his extraordinary career.

Struggling to get his latest production Psycho approved by the American film industry, and battling his personal relationship with his wife, Hitchcock steps away from the typical biographical production of plastering his success all over the screen, by giving audiences just enough information to grasp how extraordinary Alfred Hitchcock really was.

Whilst many would have liked to have seen Hitchcock’s success praised on screen, this love story/personal battle with one’s self works, and makes this biographical picture of Alfred Hitchcock just as interesting as the director himself.


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