Melbourne’s Hidden Gems


Every year, thousands of domestic and overseas visitors flock to Melbourne to discover the most culturally-diverse city in Australia.

With so much to offer and plenty to see and do, there is never enough time to take in everything that makes up this exciting city.

Yet Melbourne, more than most cities, has a number of hidden gems that only the locals know about. These are places where you will rarely see a backpacker or overseas tourist, because they are simply not listed in the popular Melbourne tourist guides. The locals like it that way and for tourists, the majority of Melbourne’s hidden gems are accidentally missed altogether. However if you are planning a trip to Melbourne in the near future, make sure to keep an eye-out for some of the cities lost gems.

Two Yarra Bookends

Few people notice them and even fewer read and ponder them. The first stands near the original junction of the Yarra and Maribyrong rivers and announces that the rivers were discovered by Charles Grimes in 1803 and later rediscovered by John Batman in 1835, even though Aboriginal settlement had known these rivers for thousands of years.

The Princess Bridge

When the first European settlers arrived in Melbourne in 1835 there was no permanent crossing point of the Yarra River. However on April 22 1840, a private company was set up with the intention of constructing a bridge across the Yarra.

Today, it is possible to see small huddles of tourists crossing the bridge and pausing to examine the painted crests on the cast iron lamps, because that is what their guide books instruct them to do. Yet there is so much more to take in and learn about this historic bridge that very few tourists, and even locals, know about.

Historic Figures

Wandering through any block of central Melbourne you are likely to find reminders of great people from the past. For instance in William Street near the Yarra you are likely to be confronted with reminders of Prometheus, Sir John and Merv.

The streets of Melbourne are filled with historic memoirs of the past, and if you know where to find these specific spots, you will be taken on a history lesson of your very own.

Seeking out Melbourne’s hidden gems may not be for everyone. The city has plenty of commercial tourist attractions and sites, however if you are looking to see the city from a different prospective, discovering the city’s hidden gems is a good place to start!


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